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Distribution and warehousing

Custom packaging

Wholesaler and retailer


We know what we do!

Top quality products

We stand out for providing the freshest organic products that will serve your health and will be a source of vitamins and minerals for our customers.

Technical advice

We work with a highly trained professional team to advise and guide the client in each of the processes.

Shipping all over the world

We want our clients to receive their products from any destination, that is why we have a specialized delivery system in this area.

Our products

Seeds and Grains

The best variety and quality!


The quality of our products is born in the nursery, whose mission is to form plants of guaranteed health and varietal certainty, characteristics on which their subsequent adaptation, development, longevity and ability to externalize all their productive potential will depend.

Productive farms

Certified by the Global GAP and Global GAP GRASP standards, they provide 70% of the fruit that we pack or industrialize. 

Producción Anual

The company produces approximately 260,000 tons / year and employs more than 5,000 workers during the harvest.

Super Food Market 2016-2020

New Zealand

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