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As we have work teams and offices in Argentina as well as in Spain, our profile stands out in the agricultural sector as a result of alliances with major producers of the region, the highly effective processes and the outstanding optimization of time for production and logistics.

Production and processing at source

We monitor, select and process our products at source. Hence, a high-quality product is obtained by checking every detail of the process personally. All this is possible since we remain present from the sowing till the consolidation of containers for export.

Export and import

We are careful about every detail of our products export and import. We are in charge of sending and receiving what our clients request according to their requirements and needs.

We export with greater force in Europe, The United States and Canada while we are currently expanding our networks in South Africa, Asia and Central America.

Customized storage and packaging

We understand that the product has to reach the customer in excellent condition. We store it according to safety and hygiene standards to preserve it.

Not only storage is important for the product to remain in good condition but also its packaging, which is why it is designed according to the customer’s needs.


We distribute the product at destination, carefully taking care of each process before and during the distribution of the product. Logistics is a priority for us as our success in meeting the customer’s requirements depends on this.

The best prices on the market

Being in both countries enables us to have a more detailed tracking of our products chain, achieving traceability without intermediaries. Thus, it allows us to guarantee our customers product quality and above all, offer the best prices on the market.

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