Chickpeas: all you need to know

Chickpeas are a great and nutritional source. They are a very important and complex food, part of the legumes group.

Legumes are the chosen one in every complete and balanced diet. They are a source of complex carbohydrates and a low glycemic product. They contain almost twice protein as cereals, and they are of better quality in terms of essential amino acids.

Legumes provide minerals like calcium, iron and phosphorus, also vitamins of

complex B; but among all, what characterizes this group and gives it great value is their fiber, which, as it is not digested, reaches the intestine intact, where it is used as food for bacteria in the colon.

In legumes we find a greater quantity of SOLUBLE fiber. This type of fiber in contact with water forms a gel promoting benefits like:

  • Helps maintain stable blood glucose levels, while avoiding peaks of insulin production.
  • Lowers dietary cholesterol, contributing to a lower absorption of it and consequently to a decrease in its blood level.
  • The fermentation of this fiber in the colon produces fatty acids of short chain with beneficial effects for the organism.
  • Contributes to the development of an adequate bacterial flora.
  • A feeling of satiety by increasing the volume.

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