A new era of nutrition

People is waking up… the vivid image of the current situation, after a pandemic that affected people with bad habits or those who suffered from an underlying disease associated with their lifestyle, there is increasing awareness of the impact of our health choices.

Due to this, there is a growing interest in nutrition and eating habits.

A healthy lifestyle starts when we are shopping and planning food.

When we talk about eating habits, we refer to the habit of choosing of certain foods and excluding others, also implies to regulate the eating behavior, mealtimes, what we eat and how do we do it. It is very important to keep these moments in mind since they are behaviors that can be modified.

There are components in our diet capable of favoring the aging, we call them “free radicals”, these are products of waste from metabolic activity, which attack cells and tissues of our body. Most of them are naturally produced in our cells as a result of transforming food into energy. But there are also external agents such as cigarettes, viruses or radiations that favor its predominance.

How to counteract its effect? Avoiding toxic habits and promoting a diet rich in antioxidants that favor the “production of healthy cells”.

That’s why when we talk about healthy eating, we refer to nutrition habits that avoid nutritional deficiencies and contains beneficial effects for our body, strengthening the immune system.

These food choices must be rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, that help destroy malignant cells. All these nutrients can be found in fruits, grains, legumes, seeds, nuts, etc.

Autor: Cecilia Fara / Licenciada en Nutricion

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